WP Colorful Tag Cloud Plugin for WordPress – Reference Page

2.0.1 issue : if all your tags appear in the same color and the same size, please put the value 1.0 in the « power » attribute field and update by submiting the « Update Sizes » button. Sorry for the inconvenience. New user are not affected.

What is WP Colorful Tag Cloud?
WP Colorful Tag Cloud is a WordPress plugin that is designed to render a colorful tag cloud as showed hereafter:


Is it customizable?
Yes, fully! You can use the provided administration interface to change several parameters:

  • Tag Cloud title
  • Smallest tag size (the minimal size to display in the cloud)
  • Largest tag size (the maximal size to display in the cloud)
  • Color of each tag size
  • and many other things…

How to customize the tag cloud?
To do so, the options page is user friendly.


You can use a color picker to choose your colors. Otherwise you can enter hexadecimal color code by hand.


Notice: you must first choose your tag sizes and don’t forget to update them using the « Update Sizes » button. Otherwise, the color pickers won’t be displayed.

How to install WP Colorful Tag Cloud?

  • Unzip the archive into your hard drive.
  • Upload the folder to your wp-content/plugins folder on your web host.
  • Login to your dashboard and activate the plugin via activate option.
  • The menu item is under Settings>Colorful tag Cloud.

How can I embed it in PHP, outside a widgetized sidebar?
Use the following PHP tag:

<?php wp_widget_colorful_tag_cloud(array());?>

This PHP tag will use the values you set in the administration UI. If you want to override values (including only some of them), just use the array parameters.

<?php wp_widget_colorful_tag_cloud(array('number' => 100));?> will display 100 tags in the cloud, even if you set 45 in the admin UI.

This allows you to have different clouds at several places (take a glance at my homepage for an example).

How can I embed it in a post?
Simply use the provided shortcode ‘wp-ctc’ within brackets

Well, but it’s not exactly what I expect. What else?
If you expect another « related » feature, do not hesitate to ask for. Simply post a comment and I’ll try to add it.

If the cloud does not show on the page or if colors are not displayed, please ensure you have submited both sizes and colors, using the dedicated buttons. There are 3 different submit buttons for the 3 settings sections (sse the admin UI screenshot above).

If your tag cloud shows too few colors, it’s because your tag variability is not large enough. Variability comes with time and posts. Don’t hesitate to add several tags to your post and to vary them.

Download the plugin

Current stable version: 2.0.1

Tested up to WordPress 3.4.1

Download WP Coloful tag Cloud Plugin for WordPress

Change log

  • 2010 02 15 – V2.0.1:
    - Require WP 2.8+
    - Move to the new WP_Widget framework
    - Now you can use multiple instances of the cloud, in the same sidebar or in different sidebars. All instances share the same settings.
    - fix the random order clause.
    - improve performances.
    - add tag size magnification feature, to highlight some tags, using power formula (thanks to Jerry Seeger fof the idea).
  • 2009 09 23 – V1.2.1:
    - Fix a quote issue in links tags. HTML code is now valid.
    - Add a direct link to options/settings page in plugins management page (available from 2.8.0 version).
  • 2009 08 14 – V1.2.0:
    - Compliant up to WP 2.8.4 (and probably more).
    - Add a checkbox to remove entirely the title (megan suggestion).
    - Add post count near each tag (Dukessa suggestion).
    - Add a shortcode ‘wp-ctc’ to display a dynamic tag cloud in a post (Dukessa suggestion).
  • 2009 08 14 – V1.1.4:
    Technical version, ignore it.
  • 2009 06 08 – V1.1.3:
    - No more reference to wp-content to comply with WP 2.8.
    - Add a new function (wp_colorful_tag_cloud_string) to retrieve the tag cloud as a HTML string. This can be useful to include the cloud into a file for instance.
    - Useless constants cleanup.
  • 2009 05 19 – V1.1.2:
    - Code cleaning (once again)
    - Fix cloud title when using PHP tag.
    - More values set up by default.
    - Colors values are now set up by default when enlarging tag sizes.
  • 2009 05 17 – V1.1.1:
    - Code cleaning
    - Fix default cloud title (not displayed when not set).
    - Default values in admin UI are now set up (default colors, default sizes…).
  • 2009 04 29 – V1.1.0:
    - Add several options (unit, order, orderby, format, number of tags…).
    - Rename directory with – instead of _ to comply with wordpress naming rules.
    - Add a warning message when updating sizes.
  • 2009 04 28 – V1.0.2:
    - Fix a javascript path issue preventing from displaying the color picker in some cases.
  • 2009 04 26 – V1.0.1:
    - Fix an image path issue preventing from displaying the color picker.