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7 webwares dont les Startups ont besoin

Article en anglais : 7 Web Tools Every Start-Up Needs My inbox is constantly cluttered with announcements about the latest newfangled Website that will change how we all do business. Some of them, like the inbox fixers I wrote about in my recent magazine column, really do help. But there are a bevy of sites that have stood the test … Lire la suite

Hi-Task, un webware de gestion de projets souple et versatile


Gérer un projet ne s’improvise pas. Mais s’il y a des fondamentaux incontournables, chacun à sa propre méthode pour mener à bien ses tâches. C’est pour cela que les outils de gestion de projets sont nombreux et variés.   Hi Task est un webware de gestion de projets qui se présente comme un gestionnaire de tâches, mais possède d’autres fonctionnalités … Lire la suite

4 astuces pour rendre viral son webware social

Article en anglais : 4 Viral Social Software Tips From Enterprise 2.0 Maximize use of open social software, imitate what works for Facebook, and other expert advice from top social media maven. When designing a social application, whether for the enterprise or public social media, you want it to be so engaging that it goes « viral, » meaning that you don’t … Lire la suite

Webwares de validation de sites web

Article en anglais : List of Online Tools for Website Validation To prove to the web users that you are sincere in presenting standardized pages, you must ensure that the pages on your website adhere to the web standards by way of validating your website. Website validation is the process of checking the code used to create a web page … Lire la suite

10 webwares pour s’organiser en ligne

Article en anglais : 10 Web Apps For A More Seamless Workflow Online When trying to be efficient online there are many factors an App needs to be able to perform. It’s often not enough that they have a slick UI and great features. They need to be built in a way that I can integrate them without too much … Lire la suite