Les meilleures bibliothèques PHP pour gérer les formats Excel, Word et Powerpoint

Article en anglais : Top PHP Libraries for Developers Handling Excel Word and Powerpoint Files

For today’s web designer or developer, MS Office Files are becoming nearly non-utilized.They are usually not required within creating one and, if needed, there are web apps for that.
However, for web apps which host large amounts of information, they enable users to import/export them, and the data is a huge time-saver and Excel (XLS, CVS) files are the most popular format for that job.

For standard content, we can always export it as a HTML file but, depending on the audience, providing Word files can be a better option. For PHP developers, working with MS Office files (Excel, Word and Powerpoint in this case) it is quite simplified with the help of mature libraries which exist out there.

In the spirit of reusing the wheel instead of reinventing it, here are eight free web libraries which you can use in your next program which will dramatically increase your efficiency.

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