Optimisation des photos de profils dans les résultats de recherche avec les heatmaps

Article en anglais : Heatmaps to Help Your Google+ Profile Image Appear in Search Results

The year of 2012 saw a great move of Google: Giving more visibility to content authors by showing their photos in search results.

The content should be claimed by the author in order for this to work.

The photo is being grabbed from the author’s Google Plus profile, which brings us to a good question: How huge is an impact that your photo makes when the user is browsing Google search results and chooses which result to click?

They say, the impact is huge. In this case study, Cyrus was able to achieve a 30% higher click-through and he didn’t even try that much. There are plenty of variables (the main one being the topic) but it doesn’t mean we can’t invent interesting theories.

My own theory is based on heatmap case studies. A heatmap is an aggregate graphic showing overall eye activity on an image (red-orange areas indicate the most eye activity).

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