[iPhone] 5 applications gratuites de gestions de tâches (todolist)

Les applications de gestion de tâches sur iPhone sont légions sur l’AppStore. Il doit y en avoir une nouvelle chaque jour. On y trouve de tout et surtout de rien.
Gérer ses todolists sur iPhone semble presque naturel puisque nous l’avons presque en permanence sur nous. C’est pour moi une fonction indispensable.

Voici 5 applications gratuites de gestions de tâches pour iPhone, avec les descriptions de l’AppStore (certaines ne sont pas traduites).



L’application mobile Wunderlist pour iPhone et iPod Touch va développer votre productivité. Organisez vos listes de choses à faire et synchronisez-les avec votre compte Wunderlist gratuit. Affichez et modifiez vos tâches sous Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android et sur le Web. Des centaines de milliers de personnes dans le monde utilisent Wunderlist au quotidien. Wunderlist : vos tâches n’importe quand et en tous lieux.

Principales caractéristiques :

● Gratuit ☆ Wunderlist est entièrement gratuit, quel que soit l’appareil
● Cloud sync ☆ Vos tâches sont synchronisées avec votre compte Wunderlist gratuit
● Partage ☆ Envoyez vos listes à vos amis et collègues et collaborez sur des tâches
● Notifications forcées ☆ Un rappel instantané des tâches à faire
● Rappels par e-mail ☆ Vous êtes assuré de ne jamais oublier vos tâches
● Mail2Task ☆ Envoyez vos tâches à Wunderlist depuis votre boîte e-mail
● Organiser ☆ Classez vos tâches dans des listes et réagencez-les par glisser-déposer
● Échéances ☆ Appliquez des échéances à vos tâches
● Ciblage ☆ Consultez une répartition de vos tâches grâce à nos filtres
● Notes ☆ Détaillez vos tâches plus précisément
● Priorités ☆ Attribuez des priorités aux tâches importantes
● Notifications badge ☆ Découvrez le nombre de tâches arrivées à échéance ou dépassées
● Personnaliser ☆ Appropriez-vous Wunderlist grâce aux papiers peints inclus

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Evernote est une application gratuite et simple d’utilisation vous permettant de vous souvenir de tout sur tous les appareils que vous utilisez. Restez organisé, enregistrez vos idées et améliorez votre productivité. Evernote vous permet de prendre des notes, des photos, de créer des listes de tâches, d’enregistrer des rappels audio – et de rechercher ces notes, que vous soyez chez vous, au travail ou en déplacement.

Caractéristiques principales :
- Synchroniser toutes vos notes sur tous les ordinateurs et appareils que vous utilisez
- Créer et modifier des notes textes, des listes de tâches
- Enregistrer des fichiers, synchroniser et partager
- Enregistrer des notes vocales et audio
- Rechercher des textes dans des images
- Organiser les notes par carnets de notes et par étiquettes
- Envoyer des notes par email et enregistrer des tweets dans votre compte Evernote
- Connecter Evernote à d’autres applications ou produits que vous utilisez
- Partager des notes avec des amis ou des collègues via Facebook et Twitter
★ Fonctionnalité Premium : stocker des carnets hors ligne et y accéder à tout moment
★ Fonctionnalité Premium : permettre aux autres d’éditer vos carnets
★ Fonctionnalité Premium : ajouter un code PIN à votre application Evernote

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Project management
Task This will allow you to manage individual tasks or tasks grouped in project. Your contacts can be associated to your project, thus creating your project team. Each project can also have one or several budgets or shopping lists: You manage needed purchases for your project. You can create tasks, events or milestones, and make sure that your project will be executed as per your initial plan.

Integration with third party apps
Task This integrates your iPhone contacts. You can associate actions to your contacts, and launch them directly from Task This. An important call ? Task this will remind it to you. A must-send email ? Task This will notify it to you, you then just have to send it. Task this integrates lots of possible actions that can be combined with your tasks, such as phone calls, email, meetings, web sites to visit or text messages.
Your contact is not yet in your contact book ? You can create it directly from Task This without exiting.

Confidential tasks
In some cases, activities need a higher level of confidentiality. Task This allows you to individually lock tasks. It is then impossible to read them without the code. Your confidential information are protected.

Task This supports individual notifications. You can even customize them depending on your needs. Task This even allows you to create several notifications for each single task.

Shopping lists
You can create and manage shopping lists. These lists can be standalone lists, or associated to your projects. Create your list of items and combine them in shopping lists. Pick up the prices when shopping et manage your budget.
Combine your shopping list with a site, such as a a store or a website. You can create two different lists containing the same items, and assign prices to each item. You will then be able to compare both lists and choose the best one.

Free app
Task This is a free application available on the App Store. This is not a special offer. There is no functional or time limit. Task This is not the light version or another application, and will remain free.

Web synchronisation (www.task-this.com)
Task This allows you also to synchronize your date with the Task This web application. Sign up for your personal account and import your tasks, your projects, your categories and your notifications. The Task This web application allows any change on your projects, that you will then just have to send back to your iPhone or your iPod (internet connection and sing up needed, wifi and 3G). You can also check all pending notifications, or create new ones on the web application.

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Errands is a task manager with a pleasing design and is easy to learn and use. Crafted with a blend of basic and advanced features: Folders, Checklists, Task Images, Scheduling & Repeating, Alerts (alarms), Automatic Badge Updating, Calendar View, Mail Tasks, Multiple View Modes, Search and more!


• The overall user interface is tastefully designed with careful attention to detail and functionality.

• A universal app with full support for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

• Full support for iCloud sync (Premium). This allows you to keep Errands in sync on multiple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).

• Alerts (reminders) for tasks, with choice of sound and several repeat options. Plus automatic updating of the app icon badge. Both of these work even when Errands is not actively running.

• Customizable folders, so you can organize your tasks to best suit your needs (for example, Work, Home, Errands). You can have as many folders as you wish and folder attributes (name, icon, checkbox) are fully customizable.

• A Focus Folder which is based on a « star » system. You can toggle the « star » state for any task by tapping on the star icon. When a task comes due it will be auto-starred. This makes the Focus Folder very useful for quickly glancing at what you need to do NOW. The badge icon will reflect the number of tasks in the Focus Folder, keeping you up-to-date on what tasks need attention.

• A monthly calendar view for tasks with due dates. To access it, tap on the calendar icon on the bottom toolbar. The calendar displays items based on the current folder you are in. To see all tasks, choose the calendar from the All Tasks folder.

• View options allows you to switch between normal view (4 tasks per screen) and condensed view (8 tasks per screen).

• Mail tasks (single tasks as well as entire folders).

• You can select from a built-in collection of image icons, choose a photo from your library, or take a new photo to customize your tasks.

• A unique feature allows notes to be viewed as a checklist. This is particularly handy for small shopping lists, multi-step tasks, etc.

• Tasks can be scheduled with a due date / time. There is a full range of repeating options.

• A convenient Recycle Bin allows you to easily create new tasks from previously completed entries. This is a big time-saver given that many tasks are things that are done again (and again). And saving data-bits from the virtual landfill makes you feel good!

• Tasks can be sorted by various schemes as well as arranged manually.

• Each task has a title along with separate detail and notes fields.

• Customize Errands to fit your tastes using the in-app Settings.

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SeizeTheDay is a simple and easy to use task manager that helps you organize and stay on top of your busy life – and it’s even got audible reminders.

Easily add, view, and organize your to-dos. Add notes or tags, set individual reminders or use daily reminders (list of all today’s tasks) to keep on top of all your day’s responsibilities.

SeizeTheDay takes advantage of local reminders and iAds – new iOS 4 features. With local reminders never forget your to-do(s) because you don’t have an internet connection. iAds, Apple’s new advertising platform, provides a whole new level of engaging yet unobtrusive advertisements that allows you to enjoy this application for free.

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Si cela ne correspond pas à vos besoins, sachez qu’il existe des dizaines d’applications payantes, comme Things ou Omnifocus qui sont excellentes.