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Les 10 meilleurs plugins jQuery pour WordPress (selon l’auteur)

Article en anglais : 10 Best jQuery Plugins for WordPress More and more Developers and Designers and have been using WordPress these days. Combining WordPress CMS with the power of jQuery will give us infinite possibilities in terms of designing & producing feature rich webpages. Today we are giving you our collection of what we think 10 best WordPress plugins … Lire la suite

Créer un plugin d’envoi d’email avec WordPress

Article en anglais : Create Perfect Emails For Your WordPress Website Whatever type of website you operate, its success will probably hinge on your interaction with your audience. If executed well, one of the most effective tools can be a simple email. WordPress users are in luck, since WordPress already has easy-to-use and extendable functions to give you a lot … Lire la suite

PowerPoint Timeline Control, un addin pour rendre ses présentations vivantes


PowerPoint est sans aucun doute le logiciel qui règne le plus sans partage parmi la suite Office. Et pour cause, il est bon ! (oui je le pense vraiment). Les dernières versions de PowerPoint permettent de rendre les présentations plus vivantes en gérant notamment le temps et les transitions, notamment la version 2010.   PowerPoint Timeline Control est un addin … Lire la suite

10 choses que chaque développeur de plugin WordPress devrait savoir

Article en anglais : Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know Plugins are a major part of why WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites around the world. The ability to extend WordPress to meet just about any need is a powerful motivator for choosing WordPress over other alternatives. Having written several plugins myself, I’ve come to learn many … Lire la suite

25 plugins jQuery pour les formulaires

Article en anglais : 25 jquery Form Plugins jquery is used in almost top 10000+ most visited sites. Powers of jquery is now unlimited. Today i am trying to show you power of jquery in forms field, That hoe jquery validates form or mask password or show you your comments live preview etc. So have a look out at this … Lire la suite